Advantages Of Hydroponic Soiless Culture

I am sure all of us have approached someone with a new idea, or a plan to change some process to make it better, or have tried to explain a new system that would improve production, advertising, and delivery, and have been told “but that is not the way we have always done it,: or, “if it was good enough for my father, it is good enough for me,” or “it will never work!”  Change is difficult, such as embarking into unknown waters, but the successful entrepreneur in the business world is usually the one willing to listen to ideas from someone else, and anxious to take a risk if it improves a product or its delivery. 


Hydroponics is not a new system for growing crops, in fact it was used in ancient times going back to the middle ages and was practiced by many civilizations such as the Babylonian, Aztec, Egyptian, and Chinese.  Just as desalinization was a break-through process affording arid coastal portions of the world the technology to change salt water into potable water, hydroponics furnishes everyone the ability to grow herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers in areas where the cultivation of any flora has been heretofore avoided for obvious reasons…limited availability of space, lack of fresh water, and absence of arable soil.  .


If you are considering obtaining a hydroponic system for growing plants, either as a home hobby, or for profit, or for a teaching opportunity in an educational setting, following are some of the reasons why hydroponics should be considered as an alternative to the usual family garden plot.

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