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How To Dry and Cure Medical Marijuana Buds,
The Non Traditional Way

We have found out through our research, that hanging the buds for 4 to 8 days is unnecessary. Here is how we dry and cure and the reason why.

Day one: Trim the leaves on the buds and trim off as much of the stem as possible. The stems contain a lot of moisture which has no value to the buds. This will accelerate the initial dry time during day one. Notice how the buds and smaller buds are spread evenly on the paper, we recommend packaging paper. Regularly used for packaging and shipping.

Day two: Now, arrange the buds so that they are touching each other. This will allow the smaller buds, which dry faster, to absorb the moisture from the larger buds. This also allows the buds to dry more evenly. On day two you will flip the larger buds, then cover the buds with a single sheet of paper to slow the drying process down. This will help spread the moisture evenly to all the buds.

Day three: Lift the paper and check the buds for excessive moisture. If needed, allow the buds to sit on the paper covered for another day.

Day four: Now, place the buds in a glass jar. Only fill half full as this will give you a nice air gap for the excessive moisture. Leave the lid off for one day.

Day five:
Agitate the jar to move the buds around. Now place the lid on the jar. Open the lid four to six times a day for the next three to six days to remove excessive moisture that has accumulated in the air gap. This can be reduced to once a day after about a week of curing. Lightly agitate the jar each time you open the lid. This will eliminate the chance of mold and will redistribute the moisture to the dryer buds, a rolling stone gathers no moss! This will also aid in the aging process.

Week two: To preserve the ultimate smoke, we recommend using a humidor. The longer the buds cure the better. Maintain humidity around 70% just like you would a cigar. We feel, the longer they remain in the humidor the better the smoke, just like a fine cigar. A truly unique, one of a kind ModularHydro experience, Enjoy...

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