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The Eco Flo Grow 6 or 8 Hydroponics Grow Kit containes everything you need to start growing like a professional right out of the box!

The Kit Includes:

Eco Flo 6 Dimensions = L-16.5" W-12.5" H-9"
Eco Flo 8 Dimensions = L-20.5" W-14" H-12.5"

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The System

EcoFlo DWC 6 or 8

An incredible value for your hydroponic dollar, the EcoFlo DWC is an awsome system. Don't let the small size deceive you. The DWC gets the job done by delivering the highly oxygenated nutrient enriched solution directly to the roots of the plants.

(Air Injection Technology is manufactured by Modular Hydro and will out perform an airstone.) With the addition of Air Injection Technology your Eco Flo DWC will enjoy increased growth rates by providing millions of oxygen enriched micro air bubbles to the nutrient solution.

The Lighting

100 Watt CFL Grow Light

The Kit Includes

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