ModularHydro's Units Reach Thousands On Cover Of HIGH TIMES Magazine!

Budget Hydro Unit

Eco Flo Desktop
Hydroponics System

Sure there are plenty of pricey and complicated hydroponic systems out there, but we're always looking for something simple, affordable, and effective. We're pleased to report that the Eco Flo Desktop Hydroponics System fits the bill on all three counts! Each unit is small yet quite powerful, sizing up to 8"x4"x4" and yet still capable of explosive growth.

They come with a 3-inch net pot with growstones as well as starter seed cubes and enough nutrients for your first run. The adjustable air pump with "air injection technology" insures your roots recieve everything they need to thrive and prosper.

Don't be decieved by the small footprint area-these tiny technological wonders will burst forth with plenty of bud,and for the price (including free shipping), you cant find a better pot growing hydro system anywhere.


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