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Herb Growers Cheat Sheet

Air temp: 65 to 75 degrees

Humidity: 30 to 60%

Water: Change water and nutrients every 7 to 10 days. It is best to use the cleanest water possible with the lowest TDS or total dissolved solids. Water treated with a reverse osmosis system is recommended and most cost effective.
pH: Between 6 and 6.5

Vegetation: 18 hours on 6 off. Lights should come on always at the same time of day during the entire grow cycle.
Flowering: 12 on 12 off. Remember lights come on the same time every day.

Air circulation: Keep air moving, not blowing on plants. Fresh air in and vent old air out, even at night.

Pest control: Preventative sprays with a mild insecticidal soap every couple of weeks before you get bugs or a fungus is a great way to insure you don't get them in the first place, remember mild solution. Be proactive not reactive. Both sides of all leaves and entire stem of plant including top of grow media. Not during the flowering stage. If plants are looked at and maintained in this way there should be no bugs or fungus during the flowering stage. Be proactive.

Vegetative stage: Plants should be around 18 to 20 inches tall depending on the strain, with around 4 to 6 leaf branches. You can trim and prune the plant during this stage to allow it to bush out before moving to the flowering stage. This is a good time to clone.

Flowering stage: Lights now 12 on 12 off start time remains the same. Plants will think it is Fall and want to start flowering and bud. Lower nitrogen and higher phosphorous in your nutrients. After about 8 to 12 days look for the pistils at the branch joints indicating it is a female plant, remove any males. Using feminized seeds or clones from female plants is wise.

Harvesting stage: Mild to wild. Look at the resin glands or trichomes on the buds. They look translucent or white and will soon start changing color to a milky white (milder high) and then amber in color. Look for the hairs to change color to brown, reddish or orange in color. This is around a 6 day window, when half the buds are amber in color (wilder high) it is time to harvest. During this stage depending on the bud and how it looks some can be removed for drying before the rest of the plant is harvested. During the harvesting stage use only fresh water with no nutrients. Remember mild to wild your choice when to harvest.

Trimming and drying: Room temp. around 70 to 76 degrees, keeping the air temperature down keeps the smell down, humidity 30 to 60 % with good air circulation. Trim all large leaves down to the stem, trim small leaves close to the bud. Hang plants for 6 to 10 days, longer if needed. Break a branch and see if it has a clean snap, your ready to go. 30% humidity short dry time. 60%+ humidity longer dry time.
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