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What is hydroponics and what are the benefits?

What is hydroponics?

Most people think it means a plant growing in water, but this is only one of many methods. The broader term means growing plants in a soil-less media where all the food that the plant needs comes from nutrients mixed into the water. So when watering, the plant also receives food. This is called fertigation (fertilizer + irrigation). One of the most common ways to grow hydroponically is to plant into a medium that is inert, meaning something that does not react chemically to the added nutrients. One of the most popular inert substrates available today is Grodan stone wool.

What are the Benefits?

There are a several reasons people choose to grow plants using hydroponics versus traditional soil methods.

• Achieve higher yields and bigger plants than in soil.
• Faster plant growth than in soil - up to 50% faster!
• More efficient use of water and plant food, especially when using a re- circulating system.
• Less pests, especially indoors, so less pesticides (poisons) needed.
• One can grow plants any time of year - even in winter - indoors.
• Can be as easy or as technologically advanced as you want it to be.
• Loads of fun showing off your futuristic garden to your neighbors.

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