Bentleys Hydroponics Home Herb Garden

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From fresh garden herbs such as oragano or basil, to organic cat nip, Bentley's Hydroponic Home Herb Garden is the perfect solution for your indoor gardening needs. Grow up to four different herbs in a very small area, ensuring you always have a constant supply of fresh herbs for cooking, dispay, snacking, cat nip, & more...

Your plants will experience record fast grow rates due to our Air Injection Technology. All of the plants roots are constantly suspended in a cloud of air during the entire grow cycle, which means clean crisp white roots. This system fits the bill for those who want the best in a deep water culture hydroponics system... ENJOY!

Bentleys KILLER Paw of Approval is stamped only on a select line of products that meet our award winning standards of quality and craftsmanship. Top growers grow with these products daily!

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Also available in a dual unit bundle!

Bentley's Home Hydroponics Herb Garden is also available in a DUAL unit bundle. Ready to grow up to 8 individual plants, right out of the box!

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