Paw Of Approval

This special paw seal ensures that each item we sell meets Bentleys strict standards of:

Bentley knows the value of a dollar. In todays economy even Bentley has had to learn to pinch every penny. This has allowed Bentley to recongnize excellent quality & value. Bentley then holds each ModularHydro product shipped to those same high standards before and after shipment. Look for Bentleys Paw of Approval or "KILLER" Paw of Approval to ensure confidence in your order.

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Bentleys KILLER Paw of Approval is stamped only on a select line of products that meet our award winning standards of quality and craftsmanship. Top growers grow with these products daily!

Bentley is on the job!
Ensuring Quality & Value to our customers.

But even Bentley needs a "cat nap" every once in awhile.
Bentley's Privacy Promise ensures discrete shipping & our 100% guarantee that we will never sell or share your information...
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