GrowStone Grow Media is included with most Hydroponics Units

Growstones are an effective growing media for vegetables, fruit, and flowering plants including tomatoes, orchids, strawberries and gerbera daisies.

They can be used in hydroponic grow systems as simple as manually irrigated containers, or as advanced as automatically drip irrigated containers, Ebb-Flow systems, and NFT tables. Manufactured from recycled bottles, Growstones are engineered to give you balanced air and moisture, resulting in consistent superior results.

Growstones Give You

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GrowStones Manufacturing Process

We take waste bottles from the landfill and recycles them into customizable products ranging from substrates for advanced hydroponic growing systems and soil amendments to improve structure, to green technology building materials, abrasives, and natural cleaning products.

The first step in the process is crushing the bottles into small pieces. They need further processing before they can be used to manufacture new products.

The bottles are crushed and ground into an extremely soft powder. It's so soft, it feels like flour. That's because the average particle size of the "flour" is one-fifth the size of a human hair.

The flour is the main component (up to 99%) of Earthstone materials. Natural foaming agents and additives customize the material's properties for different applications.

The material is then fired in a large kiln. It rises as it bakes, creating a rigid foam with the desired physical properties, which can vary depending on the product application. The high altitude of Santa Fe, New Mexico enables us to use smaller amounts of foaming agents, yet still get the "cake" to rise as much as desired.

Bubbles are created as air escapes in the heating process. The bubbles create a network of cells in the material as they escape.

Once done baking, the blocks of material are carefully cooled. The “cakes” of baked material can be cut or ground into the desired sizes and shapes.

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