Introducing a truly revolutionary growing technology, Air Injection Technology for SOIL. Enjoy up to 50% faster growth rates!

Twelve major benefits include:
  1. Reduced/Eliminated threat of pathogens
  2. "Caverns" & "airtubes" constantly work to circulate soil
  3. Soil saturation reduces/eliminates bugs & spider mites
  4. Eliminates over/under watering
  5. Increased rate of nutrient uptake
  6. Reduced/Eliminated balling of roots
  7. Plants maintain saturation 24/7
  8. Maximize growth with minimal light
  9. Reduced/Eliminated leaching of soil
  10. Minimizes leaf burn
  11. Uses less water & nutrients
  12. Perlite & vermicolite unnecessary
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Watch our short video that explains these 12 major benefits!

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