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ModularHydro is a discount manufacturer of hydroponics, hydroponic systems, and reverse osmosis water filter systems.

Black Widow Hydroponics Deep Water Culture Grow Bucket

System Includes:

  • 3.5 Gallon heavy duty grow bucket with easy fit lid
  • Dual outlet air pump with adustable pressure
  • Air injection technology (AIT) Spider with air lines (dual inlet)
  • Easy drain plug and easy fill cap
  • Syringe with draw tube (for checking pH)
  • Grodan starter seed grow cubes
  • Instructions (includes start from seed and cloning tips)
  • Assembly guide
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HydroSoil growth technology provides amazing yields by utilizing our exclusive Air Injection Technology for Soil.

The AIT constantly supplies the soil with oxygen allowing you to keep the soil in a constant state of saturation. The increased saturation of the soil ensures the plants development & growth is never limited by the amount of water or nutrients in the system and provides a soil buffer to prevent "nutrient lock-out".

Dank Daddy HydroSoil System Description What is AIT for SOIL?

Air Injection Technology, or AIT, is Modular Hydro's proprietary technology. AIT has many times more bubbles diffused in the water than a traditional air stone when used with a hydroponic system.

Air Injection Technology comes in many sizes to match perfectly with multiple reservoir dimensions and set ups. The most advanced low profile & light weight air delivery system for your hydroponic system needs.

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Intoducing a truley state of the art growing technology, Air Injection Technology for SOIL.

Some of the major benefits include:
  • Enjoy hydroponics growth rates in soil
  • Helps eliminate bugs, spider mites, etc.
  • No leaching of soil
  • Roots constantly uptake water and nutrients
  • 12 major benefits (see video)

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Some major benefits include:

  1. Increased Oxygen Levels
  2. Improved Gravel Filtration
  3. Air Injected Through-Out Entire Tank
  4. Increased Circulation & Convection
  5. Entertains Your Fish
  6. Improved Aquatic Plant Growth

Our inovative technology increases overall circulation and filtration by diffusing the oxygen evenly through-out the tank. No other diffusion technology can compete!

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The EcoFlo RO 2 & 3 Stage RO uses household water pressure to reverse a natural physical process called osmosis. Water, under pressure is forced through a semi-permeable membrane where minerals and impurities are screened out and sent down the drain with waste water.

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